Foxit Reader v4.3 + Rus. + (2011)

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Foxit Reader v4.3 + Rus. + ae (2011)

Foxit Reader - Foxit Reader - oaa o aoaa oaa ooa oeo oaa PDF. ooe e ooa e e oea, a ae oo o o e. a aoeo, o a a PDF-ao o eoo o oe ao oa o eeo, oe eao aeae Adobe Reader, oae Foxit Reader. a oaa ee oe eoo ae a, ee e e e ee o ooaee o, ooe ea oa o Adobe eeo eoooo. e e ooe ooo oae: oa oo ao, eeo a a, ea oeo. Foxit Reader o e o ee eeo. oaa e ae a, e eoaea oao eo oa oea ooa aoa ae o e e Windows.

aae: Foxit Reader
e: v4.3.1 Build 0118
o a: 2011
: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
o. aa:
: ao (ooa a "lang_ru_ru" a aoeo oao - 
- oe ► oa (:) ► Program Files ► Foxit Software ► Foxit Reader 
eao: e ee (freeware)+ -ae

Recommended Minimum Hardware for Better Performance
1.3 GHz or faster processor
64 MB RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater)
52 MB of available hard drive
800x600 screen resolution

ooo oa:
o ooae oea ea PDF oea
o o e oea
oa oea oa ae PDF aa
a oo aea oeo
oea java
oea a ao
oe e ooo

oeo oa:
eoo ae aa ao
ae, oaa eeeo aae aoa, e a ooa oa, e aoo, ..
oe oa ee PDF oe aee o, ee e, ea e ea ea, a ae aeaa oa oe ee aoa
ooo eoaoa PDF oea oo eo a
oa e oe eeo e aee ooae

oe ooo:
eae a eea
ae oe ae oe aa oee
oa ae a a oea
oa ae oe oea ae ooae oeeeoo oea oee
oea ee e
o-o oo aa ee o
oea ao Firefox

  Foxit Reader v4.3 + Rus. + ae (2011)Foxit Reader v4.3 + Rus. + ae (2011)Foxit Reader v4.3 + Rus. + ae (2011)
ee eoa:
Operating System
Windows ®7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate or Enterprise with or without Service Pack 1 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Windows® XP Home, Professional or Table PC Edition with Service Pack 2 or 3 (32bit & 64-bit)

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