GOM Player 2.1.43 Build 5119 Final (2012)

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GOM Player 2.1.43 Build 5119 Final (2012)

aae oa: GOM Player
e oa: 2.1.43 Build 5119
oe e oa: 2.1.43 Build 5119
e oaoo aa: GOM Player
eea: + ao
eee: e ee

ee eoa:
Windows XP / Vista / 7

GOM Player - e ee e Windows. e a oo o ae ooee eo, o oo a o o ooa o o ea eeo a ao e! ooee eo oo oae e ee oa oo ea-ao e eooo oo oea, aoa oeo oee oa aoaeoeo. e oo ee eooa ooo oa oe o eoe ao.

ooea oa:
aoe ooeee eo oea a ooeo a oea
oa eao o e eoeo
ae e oa oae (, oo, oeo)
ooeoe ooeee DVD
oae oee eo ao
a oaoa eeoa
aee aoo eeea
ooa oa ao
aa (aoae ee o e eeo e o aae)
aoa a
oea o ooee (ee ASX, M3U, PLS)
oaeoe oaee o ooee ao oo aee
aee, a oo , a aa
aoa oae (o, oa, aeo, aa)
eee ea eo: aae, oaoe eoaoae, oaee a
aee ea aao
aa oae ( a / eeoe oaee ao / e / aoa aee ooe aoeo oa)
a a oa WAV OGG
oaa oo ae ao e (o, ee , aee ooa, eee ooa)
aae aee ae aaoo
ooo ooa DSP-oe o Winamp
aoa a
oe a oea e aa
oaeoe aaoae oae
oaeoe ee oea oe ooee
oa aoa ao -oo
oae ee oea o e
oo o ee oeo o
ee e 2.1.43 Build 5119:
Improved AAC Audio Support
Corrected an issue where audio was not being played correctly when trying to play video or audio files that used AAC audio encoding.
AVI Playback Issue Corrected
Fixed an issue that caused some AVI files to play incorrectly in version
SRT Subtitle Display Issue Corrected
Fixed an issue that was causing SRT subtitles to be displayed incorrectly when the files were located in folders that were named using non-English characters.
RTL Subtitle Support Added (beta)
Added a feature that will display right-to-left subtitles in the correct order. This feature can be enabled by opening the Preferences window (push F5), selecting Subtitles from the list on the left, going to the Others tab, and checking the box next to RTL Language Subtitle Support[Beta]. As the name suggests, this feature is in the beta phase.
Miscellaneous Fixes
Minor fixes concerning bugs, phrasing, and other issues have been applied.
ae 10.65 MB

GOM Player 2.1.43 Build 5119 Final (2012) GOM Player 2.1.43 Build 5119 Final (2012)

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