Pirates Of Black Cove Patch 1 v1.0.1 (официальный)

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Pirates Of Black Cove Patch 1 v1.0.1 (oфициaльный)


Нaзвaниe игры: Pirates of Black Cove
Дaтa выхoдa: 04.08.2011
Вeрсия пaтчa: v1.0.1
Тип пaтчa: Официaльный

Списoк измeнeний:
Patch 1 - Patch notes
Hi all!

A first patch is out now for Pirates of Black Cove. It is already available through Steam and other platforms will get it in the near future.

Here's a list of changes done to this update. At the bottom is a list of some known issues - which we are already working on.


Version 1.0.1 (Patch 1) 2.8.2011

- 1001 jokes
- Unit radar indicators
- Tutorials can be accessed via ingame menu
- Tutorial autoscroll

- Updated world visuals
- Updated conversation window
- New intro video
- Added volcano smoke particle effect
- Active skill highlight
- Fixed PhysX glitches/stutter

- More time in shrimpbuck mission
- Improved mission tracking in various places
- Buccaneer FM1 crash fix, conversation camera
- Buccaneer FM4 tracking fix
- Buccaneer FM6
- Monctezuma fixes
- Double click on player icon will start follow mode
- Changed mansion window to open directly after the first discussion with the faction leader
- Message in the bottle ships now spawned next to Corsair stronghold, and ship flags now Corsair
- Use black covians for Dog Skull island and added some enemies to the cave too
- Leticia stopped imitating 1st mate
- Destroy the distilleries update

- Slow ships are a bit faster
- Battle music stops on scene change
- Barracks GUI fixes
- Land battle GUI fixes
- Sail damage no longer affects the speed but hull damage, fixes issues with ships just slowing down and not being able to use toolbox to remedy the situation
- Can't collide with sinking ships
- Reduced toolbox cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
- Skill cooldown reset / skill remove on scene load
- Tooltips for active skills
- The end credits after boss fight
- All units have names on alt
- Changed dizzy time from double drinking grog from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
- Long dialogue texts now fit in conversation window. Font is scaled down when text is too long.
- Unit under attack sounds
- Try harder not to spawn ships on land
- Fixed missing civilians from strongholds
- Missing skills for Jolie and Jack
- Don't crash when other heroes gain level up
- Mission ships captured, can't be captured again
- Fixed special weapon names
- Fixed "Collected artifact" -messages to last longer

+ Some minor fixes & tweaks


Version 1.0.0
- Release version


Known issues:

- Water isn't visible if AA is forced on from graphics drivers.
(Quick fix: Set Anti-Aliasing to "application controlled" setting instead of forcing it on from ATI/NVidia settings)
- Pimp the Ship stability issues at some situations
- Capturing ships stability issues at some situations
- Crash when leaving stronghold after disbanding units
- El Torro mission stutter
- Collision issues with destroyable buildings
- Unit movement difficult on bridges
- Cannon towers won't fire player units sometimes
- Replenish cost issue
- Achievements not enabled










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