Pirates Of Black Cove Patch 2 / v1.0.2

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Pirates Of Black Cove Patch 2 / v1.0.2


стaвится пoвeрху прeдыдущeгo

лeкaрствo нe трeбуeтся.

Списoк измeнeний:



Version 1.0.2 (Patch 2) 5.8.2011

NOTE: This version requires that Patch 1 (1.0.1) is already installed.

- Game now starts even if selected resolution is bad
- Fixed crash after having opened Pimp the Ship window
- Fixed bug causing jam on loading screen in some situations
- Fixed crash on strongholds after disbanding unit
- Fixed crash at finale mission
- Fixes to ship capture
- Fix to dublicate ships
- Fix on alt causing crash in some situations

- Timed accept window on resolution change
- Numpad layout for left handed (configurable keymapping coming soon)
- Achievements (Steam)

- Chiefs chowder fix
- Voodoo priestess tracking fix
- El Torro stutter fix
- Dog Skull island black cove ship can't be captured
- Corsair FM6 fix
- Fixes to capture missions after loading game
- Storyline mission starts right after last faction mission
- Buccaneer Storyline 4: Fix if the once captureable black cove ship was captured and has disappeared without dying
- Mission fixes: Buccaneer FM3, Corsair FM4 and FM6

- Fixed health bars
- Ambient Occlusion off by default
- Fixed hero tooltips
- Fixed crazy cannoneer label not fitting in alt-view
- Exclamation marks on action menu now work as they should
- Removed lag from pressing alt on land
- Balanced stinkbombers
- Player can access unit buildings with his faction hero's too
- Fixed replenish cost
- Player ship info fix
- Shipyard fixes








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