Agrar Simulator 2012 Deluxe v1.0.1.0 (2011) (ENG-GER) [L]

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ae: ooo o eea, e o oo ao e, a, a ae ooea ooa a Farm Racer.
oa a, ooa eo , aa e eeo. e a a e o, o o ao o oeeo: ao, e ooe. oo e eea e oa e e oo, o oaa o a, ooe o ooo, a ae aeoo ooe. o ee ooe e oe a ea ooo oee eao e oae aoo, ooe a o o, eoooe oa, oe, , o ao eeo eeo.

o a:2011
aao:UIG Entertainment
aeo:Koch Media
aea:e ee

oeo :
- o 3D ea oa oa
- ooea eoea
- aaa e ae
- aa e oooa
- aeee oo oaoo oa
- " /o"
- oeo aa
- oo, a
- eaoe oooae, aoe a Challenger Terra Gator Fendt Katana 65
- oa oo ooo ooe, ae a ooo a

 ooea oa:
e, o ea aa ao o oa a Agrar Simulator 2012. 

o eea o ee a e aee aa eoo oa oooa, aae o oo ooo oe. 

oo a Agrar Simulator 2012 eaeo oeo eooeo e o Fendt, Challenger, Massey Ferguson Valtra. ae aoa, oa, ooooe oa, aeoe oooae e oa aeee a o. oee a e aa ooe a AI-oo ?. oo o eoa oee oee o eooe e, aee eooe o eo.
Agrar Simulator 2012 o ae aa! 

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ae aee ao! 

ooe e ee a e oo, oae, oe, e. e oe ooo, o o eoo o oee o ooo. o ooe oaa oe . oe e oooo a. oaoe o aeae a, eeeo oe o, aae a aooe aeo oa. e oooa ooe aao o, o oe o e aaoe oe. a o a oo ao aaa o. ae eoa aae ea aeee ae e.

 oeo e Deluxe:
- aea aa o o ooo (a ooee e)
- oe a
- ooea oa e "Farm Racer"

v1.0.1.0 (DLC #1)
- Milk, eggs and wool kiosks added
- New milk trailer
- Added milk tanks on all farms
- House from community user Ingolf added
- Toilet house from community user Ingolf added
- Rear weight from community user JS39 added
- Reduced fuel concumption by 20%
- and more 

- You can select all vehicles from map
- The combine stops if trailer is full
- Extensions have now lights
- Tractor color reset (vehicle.resetcolor)
- Buckwheat and canola produce no swath anymore
- Improved Multiplayer
- and a lot more... 

- Helper can be send out while standing in the garage
- Actual Farm is now displayed on the right
- Harvester continues even if not completely emptied
- Stubbles remain after harvesting
- Added Lemken Albatros Spray
- Added rear weights
- More MF models are available now
- Multiplayer is working again
- Gecko-E series was improved 

- Plow, Seed and Cultivator-Textures are drying
- Helper takes manure from own tank if available
- Terragator 3000 fully reworked
- More Valtra models
- Corn silage is now consumed (concrete silo)
- Animal food adjusted
- Added Cultivator Cenius
- Added 3 Fliegl-Trailers
- Improved driving behavior of Gecko E-series
- All Vatra and Fendt models can be coloured
- Double tires (large Valtra and MF tractors)
- Product prices and revenue adjusted
- Cars on street recognize obstacles
- and a lot more... 

- Now with 3 Mods from IMP (Kompaktors - some work-in-progress)
- Fields are released faster by helpers
- Corn silage can be compressed faster
- Most old savegames can be loaded
- Rogator 600 and MF 7000 are available
- More Fendt series models are available
- Dirt appears slower
- Corn & grass output tuned
- Katana helperspeed tuned
- Doubletires also for Gecko X series
- Max. machines raised to 32 per farm
- Trailers do not skid anymore
- Vehicle and connection problems fixed
- Spray tank recognition tuned
- Plow 6-texture fixed 

- Added Kompaktor Mod K400 from IMP
- Added Fendt corn cutter
- Added MF harvest attachment
- Added dirt for many machines
- Improved driving behavior
- Doubletires for Fendt 900 (Alt+D)
- Solved some connection issues
- Pimped up some tractors
- Harvest amount corrected
- Field prices corrected
- Manure status fixed 

- Problems solved with HQ deactivated
- Fixed steering wheels and camera positions
- Forage harvester: helper improved
- Working width of some extensions tuned
- You can now take over helper vehicle (via CTRL+ALT+F3)
- Exhaust smoke
- Shop image, field measures, starry sky and a whole lot more 

- Driving behavior improved
- Improved many vehicles
- Added functions for Gators
- Reduced memory consumption
- Added new garage models
- Blinking track on road removed
- Concrete silo problem solved
- Added chicken/rabbit stable
- Improved corn texture
- Reduced fuel consumption
- Map was improved (Swamp, Trees, etc.)
- and many more small things

1. ao
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Agrar Simulator 2012 Deluxe v1.0.1.0 (2011) (ENG-GER) [L] Agrar Simulator 2012 Deluxe v1.0.1.0 (2011) (ENG-GER) [L] Agrar Simulator 2012 Deluxe v1.0.1.0 (2011) (ENG-GER) [L] Agrar Simulator 2012 Deluxe v1.0.1.0 (2011) (ENG-GER) [L]

ee eoa:
- eaoa ea: Windows XP / Vista / 7
- oeo: 2 (SSE)
- eaa a: 1
- HDD: 750
- DirectX 9 e
- eee oa: aaa,
- 3D eoaa: GeForce 7000 / ATI X1850 ( 256 ) e, Shader Model 2.0 e



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