Call of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] (2010) PC | Repack Fenixx

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Call of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] (2010) PC | Repack o Fenixx

aae: Call of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] | Repack o Fenixx
aao: Treyarch / oa
o: 2010
aoa: PC
aea: e ee

ae: ooaa ea a Call of Duty. aa a e oooaa a aa eo, Black Ops e aa ee. oo e aa ooooaea aa, oea o o ee ooo o, a ae aooae ooooaee e, a aee, a oe.

ee eoa:
eaoa ea: XP, Vista, 7
oeo: Core Duo E6600 Phenom X3 8750
a: 2048
eoaa: GeForce 8600 GT Radeon X1950 Pro, (256 ), (Shader Model 3.0)
oaa: oea DirectX 9.0c
oooe eo a : 7687

o aoe:
1.a setup.exe

oeo :

oe o. o Call of Duty: Black Ops eee oo o eea ooo o. oae oo oaee oa eo aoa ooe oa o e , ao a e o eae.
ea aea. o eaoo oaee oa o a oe ooa o oo ee, a a aee o, oeee ao ooa aae a oeaa.
aoa oa. eaoe oee, aaa e, ee ee oa eea aoa ea Call of Duty: Black Ops oo a ea eae o o.
aa oea. Black Ops eae a aee eee e, e oo aa aa, oa oa o, a ae o, e oo oaoe o aa.

oeo eaa:

ao aeo 100%
eo aeo 100%
aoa eo ooeoo Softa (DirectX, Visual C++)
e eea oae
a ee a eoe ee e
a eeo ee a eoe ee e
ao eooo 256
e ao 50 (a,)
ooo a a 2xDVD5 1xDVD9
oo aaoo, a ao oa
o Repacka:

ae UPDATE 6:

oee ooeo 2- e oeoo.
oaea oa.
oaea o oa eeo o e a. o ae ooa a eoo eoaa, ooe aa a e a.
aee a aa a oea oeeeo oae.
oaea ea oa a ao eea (ae aao).
oaeo e e oa (ae aao).
aoae oaa /connect.
aea oa ooa oo a.
aea oa (compassSpectatorsSeeEnemies ooo aae ao a oae ae, oe a ao-o).
aea oa o ooa o 3-o a.
aea oa eoe oo ae.
aea oa ee oa aoa oo eeo.
aooae e ee eaa.
e a.
aee o e oo ee oaa a ao.
ae aae ee oe (One in the Chamber).
ee eooo aea oa ea aa o.
ee ee aae oo o ae o eoae oa.
aea oa ooe e a ee eea.
ae a a aa.
e oo oe , ee ao eeee eee eo.
oae e oeo oo a ea.
oae e oeo o 12 oo.

a a e update 6:
aeo aoaae a eee Call of Duty: Black Ops a eoo oa;
aeo eaoe ooaee aoe oa e a;
oae ooee oa a , ae a aoaaoa oa, oeae aoaaa oeo eooo ee;
oaea aeaa eoa ea, oa o : ao/ee/ao e oa;
oeo eooo ee eao o 10 e;
ae ee oeo ooo oe e ooaa e eao eeo;
o e, ao ae oae, ee ooaa eo a ae. o e aae eo a e a eee;
oaa Call of Duty: Black Ops, aaea a a o oa, .. o;
e ee eeee a e ;
e ae, aaee a ee ao .

Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 6 info:

- Singleplayer audio stuttering on some systems

Call of Duty: Black Ops Update 5 info:

- MP Audio stuttering on certain systems.
- Playercards sometimes not showing properly.
- Added three Private Match Server Settings: Team Change, Team-Up Period, and Keep Balanced Teams.
- Added Alternate Color Scheme for accessibility: Settings / Multiplayer / Player Name Indicator.
- Changed Team-Up Period countdown interval to 10 seconds.
- Combat Training sessions are no longer counted in Server Browser Unranked tab.
- Friends on your team will now show as blue on your minimap.
- Prevention of various exploits.
- Objective markers localized for all languages.
- Various stability improvements

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rcon Tool

- Recognize new "invalid password" server response

aae a 2xDVD5:

* 1xDVD5 - Info (aa); autorun.inf; setup.exe; setup-1.bin; game-1.bin; game-2.bin; game-3.bin; game-4.bin; game-5.bin; game-6.bin; game-7.bin; video-1x.bin; soft.bin.
* 2xDVD5 - video-2x.bin
ae 4.90 GB

Call of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] (2010) PC | Repack o FenixxCall of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] (2010) PC | Repack o FenixxCall of Duty: Black Ops [Update 6] (2010) PC | Repack o Fenixx

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