Prototype 2 [+ 1 DLC] (2012) PC | RePack Fenixx

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Prototype 2 [+ 1 DLC] (2012) PC | RePack o Fenixx

aa oa: 24 2012
aa oa o: 27 2012
a: Action, 3D, 3rd Person
ee: -
aao: Radical Entertainment
ae: Activision Publishing
ae o: o
oaao: o
a: Repack (e)
aoa: PC
aea: a (SKiDROW)
a :

ee eoa:

√ eaoa ea: XP, Vista, 7
√ oeo: Core 2 Duo - 2,6 Phenom X3 8750 / Core 2 Quad - 2,7 Phenom II X4 - 3,0
√ eao a: 2048 / 4096
√ oooo ea a eo e: 10656
√ eoaa: GeForce 8800GT Radeon HD4850, (512 ) / GeForce GTX460 Radeon HD5850, (1024 )
√ aoa ea: FAT, NTFS
√ ao: ee aoo oae ao


oo oaoa -o eo.
ooee eeea 2009 oa o Radical Entertainment Prototype 2 oae ee ao oaoo Prototype oae eo ooo. ea e ee, oe oo e eea oa, oae a e e.
o a eoe o o ee o o ooa -o eo, oo ee e oaoo a. ooee o eeee ooo, oeeo aae oo aea eeeoo o eoo ooe eoooe. oe, ae, ooae. eae e a eeo e ea eea!
oo o oeo oae?

ooe o a ao ae o oo o.
eeoe aa ea eea oo a oa oa a a a oe e, oa o oa ae ae a o ee oo. ae eoo o!
a eoa a oae ooo a eoaa.
oee oa ooa eooe a, oaa o ea oo. eee e? oee oe o? ee ooo aoe? o a a!
oa - - ea.
eae, o oo ea e oo ae o, ooe ae ae eo! ea ee oe e o oo, o ae eo a , ea o e. aae o oaa, eoo oo o o ee, ooa ooa oea ooo e e ae!
o o o a ooee oe o eaa ea eea, oo oae o oa o o ea eea. a oe oaeoo -o eo, e ae a e oa o a oo a o, ae o, aoa oo Prototype 2 e aa a oo a e oo oa.
ae ee aee.
aoa ooa oeoo a Titanium 2.0 Prototype 2 e eaee oo o o, a oe e oo aeo. ae ee oo, a ooe aaee oa aeo o o ee , oa a eo ae e oa oa eoo ooa! Prototype 2 oe, ee, oee!
-o eo: ooa oo oo e.
-oa, oo a oe ooe e, oe e ee. ee o -o eo, , oo oo, NYZ.
NYZ e aee a oeeo ae o.
a e aoaa eea oa, aa a aa ea oa ae, o a eea, , aoe, aa oa ooe oa oa, ooo eeo e oa. o oo e oo a e. ooo ea eea "ao oe" eae oo aoe ee: oa e e ee; e ae eoeo a a a oao aae ee o.

oeo Repack'a:
--a oo a e o o --
ao aeo 100%
eo aeo 100%
aoa eo ooeoo Softa (DirectX, Visual C++)
e eea oae
a ee a eoe ee e
ao eooo 512
eoe e ao 15 (a,)
RADNET Access Pack
oe a e o
a oo a eoa o o o , ooa Steam o 12.08.2012
ooo a a 2xDVD5 1xDVD9
makc_ar - a eoae Steam o
o Repack'a:
* Fenixx

aoee DLC:
RADNET Access Pack

RADNET is an awesome collection of over 55 in-game pieces of content - including Events, Friend vs. Friend competitive score Challenges and weekly themed Rewards that compliment and expand the game experience. Included in those Rewards are exclusive items such as Behind-the-Scenes videos from the development team and bonus Mutations for Sgt. James Heller in the games main campaign.

aae a 2xDVD5:
* 1xDVD5 - Info (aa), autorun.inf, setup.exe, setup-1.bin, game-1.bin, game-2.bin, game-3.bin, game-4.bin, game-5.bin, video-1x.bin, soft.bin.
* 2xDVD5 - video-2x.bin, video-3x.bin, video-4x.bin.
ae 7.46 GB

Prototype 2 [+ 1 DLC] (2012) PC | RePack o FenixxPrototype 2 [+ 1 DLC] (2012) PC | RePack o FenixxPrototype 2 [+ 1 DLC] (2012) PC | RePack o Fenixx

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