F.3.A.R. / F.E.A.R. 3.v 1) ( ) (RUS, ENG, [Repack] Fenixx

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F.3.A.R. / F.E.A.R. 3.v 1) (o ) (RUS, ENG, [Repack] o Fenixx


F.3.A.R. / F.E.A.R. 3.v 1)

aa oa: 21 2011
aa oa o: 21 2011
a: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
ee: -
aao: Day 1 Studios Monolith Productions
ae: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
ae o: o
oaao: o
a: Repack (e)
aoa: PC
eea: , , Multi9
o: (e )
aea: a (SKiDROW.v 1))

ee eoa:
eaoa ea: XP, Vista, 7
oeo: Core 2 Duo 2,4 Athlon X2
eao a: 2048
oooo ea a eo e: 4437
eoaa: GeForce 8800GT Radeon HD3850, (512 )
aoa ea: FAT, NTFS
ao: ee aoo oae ao

aoe oae:
oo ooe aa o oaa… oa ?
e o a oaeee F.E.A.R. oao oao oo eoo, a oe aoao, oo oe ee. aae ooo ee eoe oee ee ao a eao. oo ee e oo o aoe ee , o aea a o eooaeo aa!
o o a ooa o o ooe oa oe oa, oe oa F.E.A.R., eo o a-aa ao ee. ee a eo o o a oaeoo ooa o ee aa ao o, o aoe oeeoe aeoe oe. oo aaae ooo , ee a eeaoo ea o eoo a eoe a oeoe ooee, a ae e oao oe.
o oa ee-aoe oaoo a, oa oooo o ooe ooo ooae a o e aa.

oeo :
* ooe ooee aa: ooe aoe ee o oao
* aoa oae: aae ee a oe e… e oo
* o oo eao: oe e aaoae ooo
* ae eee aa: oe ao oeo o eo

aoee a:

v 1)

* Stuttering and jerky movement at frame rates above 30 fps is fixed!
* Steam voice communication "push-to-talk" option is now fully supported.
* 4-player voice chat should no longer have audio drop-outs.
* A rare bug that would cause enemies to stop spawning in Contractions is now fixed.
* The game will now prefer Steam cloud storage over local file system storage.
* Network connection reliability has been improved.
* Support for wider than 16x9 aspect ratio displays has been added to support users with non-standard display devices and spanned multi-monitor displays like AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround.
* An "options.cfg" file has been added to the F.E.A.R. 3 install directory for advanced user customization and troubleshooting. Included in this file are options to extend the FOV on narrow aspect ratio displays, reduce or remove motion blur, and to override driver-default settings for full-screen refresh rate, overscan, letterboxing, etc.

oeo Repacka:
--a oo a e o o --
* ao aeo 100%
* eo aeo 100%
* ao
* aoa eo ooeoo Softa (DirectX, Visual C++)
* e eea oae
* a ee a eoe ee e
* ao eooo 512
* e ao 7 (a,)
* v 1)
* oo aaoo
o Repacka:
* Fenixx











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